Stream & Wetland Restoration

We strive to balance the economical with the environmental by using best management practices. Providing you with results that won’t require constant maintenance.

Stormwater Management

We recognize the vital role that proper stormwater management plays in the environment. Which is why we offer a wide range of services to cover all your management needs.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Our experienced team provides the complete erosion and sediment control BMP package. That means you’re getting a reliable specialist resource you can depend on throughout the project.

Wright Contracting Projects

This portfolio includes selected projects that show the breadth and skill of Wright Contracting’s growing team. We look forward to discussing your upcoming projects to see if we’re a good fit for you!

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Mission Statement

Wright Contracting: Environmentally sound, structurally strong.

Wright contracting is dedicated to restoring, preserving and protecting our natural landscapes through environmentally sound construction practices and creating structurally strong projects that blend with our environment and meet the demands of our world.

  • Joseph Wright

    Business Owner

    Wright Contracting, LLC is an environmental construction firm focused on stream and wetland restoration throughout the United States, dedicated to restoring, preserving, and protecting our natural landscapes and resources through construction.

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    Sir Walter Raleigh Award
    ACEC Award

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