A.B. Combs Elementary

Grassy dirt field at an Elementary School

A.B. Combs Elementary

The A.B. Combs Elementary Stormwater Education Program project was a partnership between AB Combs Elementary, Wake County Schools, Wake County Soil and Water, Falcon Engineering and Wright Contracting. The project consisted of the installation and planting of a Bioretetion Cell retrofitted and incorporated into the front area of the school and existing stormwater system. The 15 ac properties front parking lot drainage was redirected in to the 4500square foot cell. The cell was designed to capture an treat parking lot contaminants and pollutants as well as reduce the speed at which stormwater runoff reached Walnut Creek.

Students, Parents, Teachers, and Partners participated in the planting portion of the project and the event was used to educate participants on the importance of protecting our environment and gain important knowledge of how incorporating such devices add to the landscape and help improve it.

The project won two awards, a Sir Walter Raleigh Award and an ACEC award. The project was also picked up on in the News and Observer.

Owner: Wake County Board of Education / Wake County Soil and Water Conservation