Lassiter Mill Removal

Stone debris over flowing water

Lassiter Mill Removal

Lassiter Mill History

During a previous project constructed by Wright Contracting a relationship began between President Joe Wright and the mill’s owner. Joseph had expressed interest in the mill and its history. A short time later the 200 year old mill collapsed during a large storm event. The mill owner called Wright Contracting and asked us to clean it up.

This was a difficult project as there was only one point off access and adding to the difficulty the mill had collapsed upstream of its foundation and the demolished components were forced and packed by the river into the mill race. Wright Contracting carefully and painstakingly talked the dangerous project removing and salvaging as much of the historic building as possible. Such components like the turbines, wheels, mill stones, and beams were saved. The mill race was cleared using hoists and cranes. The majority of scrap metal was removed and recycled. The only remaining structure still standing is the mill race and foundation. The area was stabilized and restored and remains a historic landmark and a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of generations past.

  • Owner:Private Landowner